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SDS of Iowa

Providing Demolition Services Since 2021

Selective Demolition Services of Iowa is the proud partner company of Munn Enterprises. Founded in 2021 by Chuck Steeples and the Munn brothers, SDS is ready to provide whatever form of destruction you seek. Our policy is simple and indiscriminate: if someone once built something up, we can knock it back down.

SDS is also happy to announce a Super Demolition Sale. Any customers who reach out to our sister company, Munn Enterprises, for a free quote will also receive a free quote from Selective Demolition Services of Iowa upon request. All quotes are subject to our SDS Guarantee: "give us a room, and we'll make it go boom!"

Our demolition services, provided in full accordance with all applicable laws and regulations, are both an art and a passion. Some seek to build, but we seek to destroy. Please contact us today to help complete the architectural circle of life.

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